SterilcoatAM® is an antimicrobial powder coating which stops the spread of dangerous micro-organisms and also suppresses the growth of bacteria, mould, yeast and mildew. Independent laboratory results show a huge reduction in microbial populations on surfaces coated with SterilcoatAM®.

The powder coatings use silver ions, which are the most long lasting and powerful natural antimicrobial agent known. Even under humid conditions, a potentially dangerous scenario for increased microbial activity, the silver ions in the powders will release slowly, providing increased and long-term protection. Frequent washings of a SterilcoatAM® finished surface will not reduce the powder’s anti-bacterial properties.
SterilcoatAM® powders are extremely durable and demonstrate outstanding chemical and stain resistance. SterilcoatAM® is the ideal application for hospital equipment and any other surface that may breed harmful bacteria.